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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Shed Hunting and Scouting for Whitetail Bucks

Garrett Roe Author

Shed season has dual purpose as scouting for the upcoming deer season. We all love to shed hunt and we all love to have that as another reason to get outdoors and fuel our bowhunting passion. This is a tremendous time to reassess your hunting area and put together a strategy for the coming archery season...especially when it involves using the Heads Up Decoy Whitetail Buck Decoy.

Shed hunting is typically more of a scouting trip for me. If I find some sheds, that is a bonus. But, shed hunting also gives you an excuse to maybe penetrate those areas you may skirt during the season. I like to scour the area searching for pockets and hidey holes that may be a future ambush spot for a bedded buck and doe during the rut.

Once you've found a potential spot, look around to see the best way to enter and exit for a quick hitter set up for a calling and rattling sequence. Can it be glassed from a distance. What wind is ideal? How are the animals coming and going from that location? All things to consider at this time of year.

These areas I am referencing are typically off the beaten path of traditional river bottom locations. I.E. not travel corridors.

The most effective way to kill a whitetail buck with the Heads Up Decoy is during the rut when he has isolated a doe in or near estrus. This is commonly referred as "lockdown". In that situation, the buck cannot resist protecting his prize at all cost. Being able to identify those areas ahead of time can help you devise a plan to slip in for a chance at an unforgetable encounter with an angry whitetail buck. Or, if you draw blanks a spot you can slip out without being to disruptive.

In 2011, on a shed hunting and scouting mission, I identified an area of dense yuccas on a south facing slope. Taking mental notes, I felt this area was going to be a magnet for a buck to push and isolate (lockdown) a doe in estrus. That was in March. Fast-forward to the weekend before Thanksgiving 2011, I found myself on my belly moving into position to show the Heads Up Whitetail Buck Decoy on a bomber whitetail buck that was locked down with a hot doe. For the full story of this hunt: CLICK HERE

Using a series of grunt calls, everything played out as planned in the execution. As the buck responded to the Heads Up Decoy intruder. I ranged his predicted path only to have my broadhead shave his brisket just behind the front right shoulder at 35 yards. I was devastated...it would have been my biggest whitetail buck to date.

Scouting during and while shed hunting was key to finding this spot and it has been productive through the years as an area for lockdown bucks.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ryan Staab's Spring Gobbler Success With Heads Up Turkey Decoy

Sometimes it’s best to mix things up, get off the beaten path, and do something out of the ordinary because the reality is, life is too short to have boring hunts. As we progress as hunters, we often look for new challenges and excitement to keep us coming back for more. Ryan Staab of Kansas found himself in this exact scenario last season when it came to chasing Spring gobblers. Instead of sitting in the same blind over and over again, Ryan chose to get eye level and was able to put an exhilarating approach back into Spring turkey hunting. 

The following are the accounts and encounters, as told by Ryan Staab, during a recent interview about his hunt while using a Heads Up Turkey Decoy.  

The Clock Was Ticking

It was the second to last day of Spring turkey season and the howling Kansas winds were relentless, to say the least, but Ryan wasn’t going to just sit at the house. Knowing that the archery tackle might not be the best option in the heavy winds, Ryan grabbed his shotgun and his Heads Up Turkey decoy and made the drive to his family farm. Having hunted the property for many years and knowing the general lay of the land where the turkeys might be roosting, he took to a high vantage point and glassed the landscape below. 

Shortly after getting set up on the afternoon hunt, Ryan spotted a group of eight hens and a lone tom in the creek bottom, so he began to devise a plan for a stalk. With hundreds of yards between him and the birds, his plan was to sneak through the CRP to conceal his movement and to close the distance in hopes of getting a shot. As he made his way closer to the group of turkeys, he held the decoy in his left hand to cover his approach towards a nearby row of round bales. At this point, Ryan had slipped to within 150 yards of the group so he set up the turkey decoy next to the hay bales and began calling. 

Ryan capitalized with the Heads Up Turkey
Decoy on a thrilling afternoon hunt! You can
also see the pond in the background. 
Within minutes, the big tom took notice of the intruder across the field and quickly made his way towards Ryan, gobbling and strutting with each step. When the long beard made it to the edge of the pond, he flew across, landed and made his way towards the row of bales. Ground level displays of dominance proving to be insufficient to drive the intruder away, the big bird jumped on top of a nearby round bale to gobble at Ryan. It was obvious that this gobbler was extremely fired up and ready for a fight.

Swooping down from the round bale like a hawk from the sky, the bird landed and skidded to a stop at a mere FIVE heart-pounding yards away. Before the tom had a chance to realize he had made a mistake, Ryan dropped the decoy, pulled up his shotgun and dropped the 8-inch beard, 1-inch spurred gobbler in his tracks! 

Mobility and Heart-Pounding Excitement

According to Ryan, hunting from a ground blind was starting to get old and it hindered the hunt by having to bring so much gear into the field. He finds it much more enjoyable using the Heads Up Decoy due to the freedom and mobility with this particular style of hunting. He also finds it very rewarding to kill turkeys in an up-close, eye-level encounter which keeps him coming back for more each Spring.

If you are looking to experience the most exciting turkey hunt of your life, leave the ground blind at home and pick up a Heads Up Turkey Decoy today. You will never forget the heart-pounding encounters and the rush it brings when a big, strutting tom is staring you down at less than 10-yards away.

Ryan received a Heads Up Decoy Hat and T-shirt for allowing us to share his story. Do you have a story? If so, email us at info@headsupdecoy.com.

Be Mobile - Stay Mobile. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bow Hunting Partners...Choose Wisely

2015: My Brother Jeff was running the decoy as I buzzed an
arrow past his ear and into the chest of this buck. 40 yard shot.
We were cruising a small creek looking for a cruising buck.
Click Pic To Enlarge.

Bowhunting partner...those words for most probably flash the face of their partner or partners without much thought. Heads Up Decoy has blessed me with the opportunity to hunt with a bunch of different guys over the years. Before H.U.D it was almost 100% family. Now that I am older, have a family of my own just getting into hunting, and a network of guys, it is not unusual for me to hunt with a variety of people throughout the course of the year. Rather than giving you my opinion on how you should choose a bow hunting partner, I am going to tell you about my hunting partners.
Stuff Dies:

When I reflect back to 2008 when Heads Up Decoy first started, there is one guy...and now several guys that I have hunted with where animals get dead. My friend Kent, not only is he a great human, he's a phenomenal bowhunter. I get so excited when I go on a hunt with him because I know our chances of success are extremely high. Kent, is not the only one, there are guys that when they get in my truck or I climb into their's...brown animals or turkeys are in real trouble. I do not believe that it is coincidence. It is confidence.

2008: My good friend and cerified killer, Kent, was with
me on the first Heads Up Decoy bow kill in 2008.
15 yard shot. This buck is a freak.
Click Pic to Enlarge

Many of the guys I hunt with are accomplished bowhunters. Maybe that is why animals get dead. I like to think, at times, two skilled bowhunters are better than one. When I have confidence in the person I'm with, my optimism is high. I am more efficient and more on point.


I am not an expert. I enjoy listening to others share their knowledge, regardless of their level of experience. I try to listen to bowhunters' successes and failures. It only makes me a better bowhunter. I can think of three specific conversations that I had with my friend Kent that led to success for me on two occassions. I applied two tips on one instance. His experience and willingness to share his knowledge, played out for me. I recently passed on Kent's experience with snort wheezing to a good friend, and he applied that to a decoying scenerio and was able to get a buck into bow range. I later applied the snort wheeze technique to my set up which led to my 2016 buck coming in for a fight.

I have found that I always struggle hunting with people that have to be right or have no faith or confidence in your ability. Honestly, I have been on both sides of this coin. What ultimately happens is a whole lot of struggle. Over the years, I have found that when I've been "that guy"...a dash of humility would have been a better ingredient.

I learn from my peers. Many of my best hunting partners are guys that fail a lot...but are not failures. I know people that are self proclaimed trophy hunters that never kill anything...failures in the field. I know guys that are humble as dirt that kill trophies at will...but it takes them many attempts. I know who I listen to when the topic of hunting comes up.

2013: Matt Dorram with the giant prairie buck. We worked on this buck.
The hunt evolved by the minute. We talked each other through it.
It ultimately led to a 40 yard shot. This buck was with a doe.
A smaller buck was making it difficult to get this deer in bow range.
Click Pic To Enlarge

The Dance:

I am not sure this is the greatest analogy, but here it goes. We've all been to wedding dances when a couple gets on the dance floor and they seem like they are floating on air. They own the floor and it's obvious. I like to think that I can lead...or be lead at any point during a hunt. When I have been forced to lead...or force to follow I've become the hero or the goat. Not the "greatest of all time" kind of goat. I personally don't want to be the hero or the goat. A natural flow of responsibility on a hunt has always been more satisfying and fulfilling for me. There are times when I will be on fire...and times I am as cold as ice. I know when I'm in the zone and I know when I don't have it. It seems to me that when I've been a part of a natural exchange of philosophy more things go right.

2010: Kent holding the decoy as this buck postured in. Cut milo field.
Shot this buck at 17 yards and closing.
Single best H.U.D moment to date. Been hunting like this since.
Click Pic To Enlarge

My best hunting partners seem to have a great deal of self control or awareness. Stumbling and bumbling through the woods has not worked with me. A good idea or plan that both parties buy into...whether right or wrong has worked well for me. My best partners try to find success in failure. By that, no one gets saddled with blame and we can check a hunting spot or technique off the list and move on.

My picks:

The guys I work best with are guys that are ethical. Guys that have confidence in me. Guys that I have confidenc in. It always helps when they are experienced. I enjoy those that have a degree of humility. Not afraid to take the lead or the backseat. Guys that share both in success and in failure. When you screw up they let you live it down...but every once in a while bring it up to give you the business.

Heads Up Decoy and Partners

One of the things I appreciate about Heads Up Decoy is how enjoyable the product is to use when you have a partner. Many of my greatest moments with Heads Up Decoy have been with a partner. I am more aggressive and less conservative.

2015: Charging Buck. My friend Kent running the decoy as his hired hand was the shooter.
The wind was blowing about 30 mph. Miserable conditions, but we were able to get a shot.
We worked for this chance. Click Pic To Enlarge.

When I am with a partner, I have played many roles: the shooter, the guy running the decoy, or observing a guy going solo. I find it very satisfying helping someone tag out. My best bow hunting partners feel the same.

2013: Good friend David Gillan. We've killed some animals together.
Turkeys, deer, and now elk.
David is optimistic and positive. Spring Turkey.
David shot this bird at 5 yards. Click Pic To Enlarge.

When there are two people that are accomplished, humble, and confident...animals die. Heads Up Decoy is deadly when there are two people working together. Bowhunting is about making memerois as much as anything. Having someone to experience a hunt with Heads Up Decoy helps keep the memories alive and furthers the bowhunting bond.

If you find yourself hunting with a partner, Heads Up Decoy has a product for you that can improve your results and create moments in the field that you won't believe until you experience it.

2016: Holding the decoy as my friend Nathan whizzed the arrow by my ear.
This is a screen capture of the arrow going passed me.
This buck is at 20 yards. Made eye contact with him before
I could get the decoy up. He was locked down with a doe.
Came posturing in from over 100 yards away.
Click Pic To Enlarge.

2012: Matt and Lucas Palmquist with 2 great mulies they shot in the same field
approximately 30 minutes apart. Both bucks were inside of 20 yards when the arrow made impact.
Click Pic To Enlarge.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Desert Mule Deer Hunting with Heads Up Decoy

As the midwest rut comes to a close, many people forget or are not aware that the desert southwest is now the rutting hot spot for mule deer and coues. With plenty of public land and over-the-counter archery tags, it provides great bowhunting opportunity if you are willing to head south for the winter...or if you already live there. With the annual success rate of 3-7%, you'll be in for a challenge.

Photo Courtesy of Jon Yokley

December and January is prime time for states like Arizona and New Mexico. Heads Up Decoy can prove to be a vital part to success in the desert SW.

Tyler Wilson from Carlsbab, NM has been using Heads Up Decoy for several years now. He has generously offered a story of is buck he took a couple years back with the H.U.D Mule Deer Buck Decoy. For his story, Tyler will receive a Heads Up Decoy prize pack. For more information about Heads Up Decoy or to purchase any of our mobile decoy products visit www.headsupdecoy.com

Here is Tyler's Story

Well year after year looking on social media I would always see Patrick Montgomery and his clients kill big deer year in and year out!!! Not just a few good deer but everyone was killing a trophy. Finally, I had to call him up and see what the big secret was and really see if the HUD was really the big deal. Since it was in all the pictures he had posted. Like most guys like Patrick he didn’t mind one bit to share some details about the HUD. I reached out to Heads Up Decoy to ask about the big hype.

Early December we finally found a couple bucks that were on the buck-it-list. One of which being a deer that we nicknamed high tine which some other hunter would harvest in January that scored in the high 180s. Not knowing this buck was going to be taken we patterned this deer as much as possible but with this hunt being in rut we knew he would be somewhere in the area with all the doe. 3 weeks out I finally said what the heck lets buy some Head up decoys (mule deer buck). So, we each bought one. When I finally received my HUD in the mail I couldn’t wait until January 1 to see if this crazy product was going to WORK??!!!! Well to my surprise the HUD was awesome. I watched a decent 8 point that we had seen a couple times scouting about 400yrds off the road heck I’ll give it a try and see if I could lure him in. within minutes the buck b-lined it to me. Would have been an easy 25 yard shot if it was the 1st.

The day before the hunt we decided we were going to stay the night out in the area we were watching all the bucks. After hours and hours of looking through the binos I finally spotted some doe in a thick catclaw brush line. Not knowing if there was a buck with them I decided to walk out to them with the HUD and see what would happen knowing these deer were in full rut now. After getting to about 70 yards they started getting up and stomping the ground and bam the big boy stood straight up and started coming right at me...why couldn’t this be opening morning. Finally, after 20 minutes of a stare -down he took his doe to a piece of private property. Bad mistake on my part.

January 1st finally came and a txt 4 hrs. in the hunt saying he was dead! Well not letting it get to me I hunted my butt off knowing there was still the drop-tine buck and a wide chocolate colored 4 point that I would kill if I had the chance. I let my buddy sit in the hot seat for a few days just to make sure a bigger buck hadn’t moved in the area. Day 7….2 days before my anniversary I had to get it done!

Tyler Wilson with a great NM Muledeer buck!
Every hunter seemed to be hunting the same area by now it seemed. Keeping my head up I kept glassing and searching finally an ear tip moved in a big mesquite. Now or never I picked the HUD up and went to stalking. 2 hours later I was 50 yards. What the heck I thought let’s see what this buck would do if I started to just walk to him with the decoy. 30..25…. 20..no way I thought finally at 12 yards’...yea 12 yards...I ranged him I had to let the arrow fly!!!! AIM SMALL MISS SMALL he went 20yrds and did the dirty dance. The big 4 point was mine and my tag was notched.

The HEADS-UP DECOY did its work!! My buddy ended up killing a good 10 point because of the HUD as well. I can’t wait until this coming month I have a TAG, A Giant Found plus some other that I would gladly notch my tag on and I HAVE MY HEADS-UP DECOY READY!!! Thank you, Garret Roe, and the HUD TEAM!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Four In a Row with a Deer Decoy

Four In A Row
by Nathan Sullivan

Click to enlarge

As the tall-tined whitetail started down the hill toward us, I couldn’t help but be confident that he would close the distance to within bow range. After all, this was the third buck today to come in to the decoy and at least the ninth buck this season that had provided up-close action. On top of that, I had the inventor of Heads Up Decoy, Garrett Roe was with me to assist on this hunt. Most of the other bucks were younger deer that provided exciting hunts but were not ones I wanted to tag just yet. The other two shooter bucks that I had close calls with had swirling winds to thank for their escape.

whitetail buck decoy
Click To Enlarge
 Over the last several years I have gained so much confidence in using the HUD that I rarely go afield without it. After all, I have used it to take a buck each of the last three years. The versatility and mobility of the HUD fits my hunting style perfectly. I have had success on both mule deer and whitetails in all types of situations including spot and stalk, ground blinds, and tree stands.

Now back to the story of this year’s buck. We had first spotted the buck from about half a mile away locked down with a doe in a small draw. After circling to get the steady wind in our favor we headed down the main draw a few hundred yards and began easing around the corner, well Garrett was at least. I was convinced that the deer were in the next draw so I was being rather careless. We spotted the buck at the same time he spotted us, but with the decoy already up blocking our profile, he had already decided we were another  buck coming to steal his doe. As we dropped to a knee, Garrett gave one grunt and that was all it took…the buck was on his way. As he approached, he bristled up and pinned his ears back in an attempt to intimidate the new rival. The buck was within 30 yards and closing fast when I came to full draw. I had already told myself not to shoot as long as he was still coming closer, so I followed his progress through my sight window. When he finally came to a stop, he was within 20 yards and the arrow was on its way. At the shot, the arrow buried to the fletching and the buck went down for good within 200 yards.

hunting whitetail deer with a decoy
Click To Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

For the fourth season in a row, I had just taken a mature buck with the Heads Up Decoy! I am already looking forward to next year to see if I can keep the lucky streak going. I also would like to thank Garrett for all of his help on this hunt, it was an awesome experience that I won’t soon forget.

Click to Enlarge

Monday, October 24, 2016

preVeteran's Day Giveaway with Heads Up Decoy and Head Hangerz

Are you a bowhunting veteran or do you know a veteran that is passionate about bowhunting? We know it's not quite Veteran's Day...nor is it quite the peak of the whitetail or mule deer rut. However to us, it makes sense for a bow hunting veteran to have a decoy that will help him or her dominate the rut when it kicks in, rather than getting it when the rut is half over. And, when you bag that buck you'll need something classy to show it off.

Heads Up Decoy has teamed up with Head Hangerz to offer you a chance to win a Heads Up Decoy of your choice and a Head Hangerz Euro Mount Stand like the one shown.

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To enter to win make sure you Tag, Comment, Like, and Share our Facebook post. Although all our veterans are deserving, we will pick one on Wednesday Oct 26th 2016 to receive his or her choice of an H.U.D decoy along with the stand. That bow hunting veteran will have the goods in time for the rut no matter what you decide to chase. Know what would also be awesome? If you'd give our Heads Up Decoy and Head Hangerz pages a like as well.

Feel free to comment on this blog post...but to win you'll need to do all your commenting, tagging, liking, and sharing on our Facebook post. Good Luck!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Double Down on Heads Up Decoy

Two for Two: A Hunt of a Lifetime
This article was featured in Bowhunter Magazine

I stayed tight to my brother Lucas as we aggressively closed the gap on the rutting mule deer buck. The Heads Up Decoy (HUD) mule deer doe was working perfectly to mask our approach as we neared the buck. Finally he turned on a dime and was coming right at us! Was this really about to happen? We had already decoyed one mature buck that ran off with an arrow in his vitals. Were we really going to be blessed with a second mature buck coming into bow range in less than 30 minutes?

Growing up, I was obsessed with hunting from a young age. My younger brother, Lucas, could take it or leave it. Most of the time he would just go because he was tired of me nagging at him and it was a good excuse to go spend time together. I started bowhunting during my college years and was immediately hooked. When Lucas decided he wanted to buy a bow and try bowhunting I was super excited. It didn’t take long until he became addicted like the rest of us and now he spends many hours in the field each year with his bow in hand.

Being the older brother, I always want to see Lucas have success. My desire for him to get quality opportunities on hunts and fill tags has created pressure on myself as well as on Lucas when it comes to making the shot. This has burned us on past hunts. We have matured as hunters and strive to just relax and have a good time, which has improved our success, and most importantly the enjoyment of hunting together.

I moved to western Kansas in 2005 and we have talked about getting together to hunt mule deer every year since, but family responsibilities and eastern Kansas whitetails kept Lucas from venturing out west during the rut. We decided during the summer that it was time to quit talking and start doing, so we made plans for Lucas to come stay a few days during November and try to kill his first mule deer.

We locked in a four day stretch around Veteran’s day to spend hunting together. The week was finally here, and the excitement was too much to manage.  Lucas was able to duck out of work early on Thursday allowing him to arrive in time to have a couple hours to scout some areas for the next morning. Lucas arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon and it didn’t take long for us to get dressed in our Sitka gear and head out to try to locate some deer. Neither of us expected much, but we were excited to spend time together and see some animals.

Shortly after leaving town we saw a lone buck cruising through a crop field. We glassed him and thought he was too small to shoot so early in the hunt, but as we watched him he continued moving in our direction, further tempting us.  We contemplated trying to kill him, but ultimately decided he just wasn’t what we were looking for.

We continued down the road to an area where I saw a nice typical earlier in the season. I had also watched some does using the field so I thought it might be a good place to check with the rut activity picking up. It didn’t take long to spot a decent buck cruising through the drought stricken corn in search of a receptive doe. The corn was very thin and non-existent in some spots, but would provide enough cover for us to try to close the distance on the lone buck.

We made it several hundred yards into the corn before spotting a deer in the middle of the field. It wasn’t the mulie we were going after, but it was a mature whitetail buck. After looking at him closer we decided he would be hard to pass on if he came over to check us out. We had the HUD mule deer doe decoy and I was wishing I would have brought my whitetail buck HUD along as well. We still thought the buck might check out the mule deer decoy so we hunkered down on the back side of a terrace in some weeds and continued showing the decoy to the whitetail. He would look at us and then look away. It wasn’t long until the mulie we were stalking came into view and the whitetail bristled up, posturing towards the mule deer. The mulie continued on and we lost sight of him. However, the whitetail was still watching us from several hundred yards away so we stayed put. A short while later Lucas heard a corn stalk break and the mule buck had somehow snuck around us and was 50 yards and closing!

Lucas had to get repositioned to ready for a shot while the buck continued towards us. As Lucas went to draw, a bowhunter’s worst nightmare happened; I saw his arrow come off the string. I think Lucas remained much calmer than me and he hurriedly got his arrow nocked again. As soon as he did I was telling him to draw because the buck was on top of us. As Lucas hit his anchor point the buck stopped 20 yards away. It didn’t need to be said, but the big brother in me was coaching, and I said kill him there. Lucas took his time and sunk the arrow perfectly in the buck’s vitals! He exploded at impact and made it several hundred yards before falling out of sight!

There were a lot of high fives and hugs after seeing that buck go down. We couldn’t believe it! Lucas drove close to four hours and we had only been hunting for a little over an hour and he was done. It couldn’t have played out better and the Heads Up Decoy worked flawlessly, pulling that buck from hundreds of yards away right into our laps!

We were all smiles as we headed back to the pickup to get the camera and necessities to take care of Lucas’ deer. While we stood there recounting the events that had just transpired, Lucas looked down the road and saw another good buck headed our direction. The buck stayed on the road long enough for me to size him up and decide that he was definitely a mature buck with great width, but crossed into the field we had just vacated before I could really assess his antlers. I quickly decided we needed to get a closer look so we ditched the cameras and tripod and I grabbed my bow and Lucas grabbed the decoy.

We headed towards the buck, but rather than coming towards us he headed out to the middle of the field to where Lucas’ buck had come from and where the whitetail buck was still located. We could watch the buck the whole way and could tell that he was rutting hard. Déjà vu was happening because the buck went right towards the whitetail and he bristled up once again, but this time the mulie went around the whitetail and headed in our direction staying in plain view. As he closed the distance it was evident he wasn’t coming right at us, but would cross by us several hundred yards away.

The mulie walked with his head to the ground and rarely lifted it. Lucas thought we should try to close the gap, but we would be leaving the taller corn and going into an area of knee high grass where the corn failed to grow. I agreed and we moved forward. The buck raised his head once and glanced our way, but quickly put his nose back to the ground and continued walking on the back side of the terrace. I have watched bucks act this way in the past and knew we could be very aggressive. Lucas held the HUD in front of us as we hunched over in “I” formation and quickly closed the distance. The buck was still oblivious when we came to a halt within shooting range. Dropping to our knees, I hastily nocked an arrow to prepare for a shot. Like it was scripted, the buck turned and decided he was going to come check us out. When the arrow clicked on the string Lucas was ranging and the buck was 25 yards and closing. I decided to let him get tight before drawing in case he spooked. Amazingly, he didn’t even flinch. I hit full draw and the buck stopped less than 15 yards away and the VPA tipped Goldtip zipped through him so fast he didn’t even know what happened. He bounded a few yards and would have tipped over, but I couldn’t contain my excitement and foolishly stood up with my arms in the air. The buck finally realized what we were, and tried to flee, crashing 40 short yards later!

Unbelievable! We had just used the Heads Up Decoy to double up on two mature mule deer bucks! After coming down from that adrenaline rush we realized that the deer were shot and died less than 100 yards apart. What a hunt! I still can’t believe how it all played out and in such a short time. The hunt unfolded like we all dream they will and I was very proud to be with Lucas when he arrowed his first mule deer. Sharing a hunt like this with my brother is one of the greatest moments of my bowhunting career, and something we will relive together for the rest of our lives. It really doesn’t get much better!

Like brothers do, we argued over whose deer was the biggest, but not in the fashion one would think. Lucas thought mine was bigger and I thought his was bigger. We decided to have my friend who is an official scorer for the Pope and Young Club green score our deer. The bucks do not resemble each other at all, but ironically score very similar. My deer gross scored 171 7/8” and netted 156 4/8” and Lucas’ buck gross scored 168 2/8” and netted 157 1/8”, so I guess you could say we were both right. After the mandatory 60 day drying period we will have our deer officially scored and proudly enter them into the Pope and Young record book. Lucas and I will have many more hunts together in our lifetime, but killing two Pope and Young qualifiers in less than 30 minutes in the same field will likely never happen again, and is something I will cherish forever.