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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking for Elk Sheds

It's that time of year when many of you are looking for whitetail antlers from the bucks you hope to harvest next year. I do the same here in Wyoming with elk antlers.

A bull like the one this came from this spring would be amazing to find this fall.

Sometimes it's all about using snowshoes to get to hard to reach ridges and you never know what the snow has covered up!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sign Up for a Chance to Win a Decoy

Heads Up Decoy is looking to significantly expand our social network over the next 2 months, and we want you...to join in. Our goal is to get 1000 Facebook Fans and as many blog followers as we can get by June 1st 2011...100 blog followers would be great.

The Heads Up Decoy blog and Facebook page are far-and-away the best way to keep up with what's going on with Heads Up Decoys. Over the last 6-8 months, the Heads Up Decoy blog blew away our competition...and we continue to do so...with relevant information about the decoys in addition to entertaining stories, pictures, and video.

The Heads Up Decoys are the most versatile decoy on the market and frankly a few sentences in a paragraph on the website cannot begin to touch on some of the things a person can do with them, which makes the blog and Facebook page powerful tools to help you be confident and successful when using the HUD's.

Some topics will be exclusive to one or the other, but what you can expect from the blog and our Facebook page are stories, tips, experiences, pictures, and musings from myself and our impressive Prostaff along with product development updates, and promotional notices.

We currently have 249 Facebook Fans and 12 followers on our blog with about 400-600 pages viewed per month.

The Giveaway Part:

We are going to draw 2 names out of the current 249 Facebook fans and give away a decoy of their choice. At 500, 750, and 1000 Facebook Fans, we will draw 2 new names at each milestone and give away a decoy of their choice up to the point we reach our goal of 1000 fans. If you sign up as a follower on our blog, for every 25 followers, we will draw a name and give away a decoy of their choice up to point we reach our goal of 100 followers.

Thank you for your support.
Garrett Roe,
Owner, Heads Up Decoy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is Upon Us!!

There have been some extremely nice days lately which have been great for doing some post season scouting, shed hunting, and shooting my bow to get ready for the upcoming spring turkey season as well as 3D.

I will try to post some pictures soon of some of the sheds that we have been finding so far. I hope to hit it hard this weekend, but March Madness will probably slow that down a little.

I am going to keep it short and sweet for now, but want to wish everyone good luck this spring in the woods! Hopefully we will all have some turkey stories to share in the near future. Here is a photo of my wife Jerri's first bird from a couple seasons ago to help get everyone fired up!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scouting New Ground...A New Perspective

A couple of the most powerful tools to scouting and hunting whitetails...or muleys...is an updated property map and a cell phone. I've also found that being a bowhunter never hurts either. It's mid March and turkey season is just around the corner. The shed hunting season has been in full swing for most people except me. However, this day was a particularly perfect and mild day so Kaleb Archer accompanied me on a scouting/shed hunting trip to some new territory.

I have turkey hunted a particular unimpressive, but extremely productive, feeder creek in an open pasture for several years now and was totally unaware of the fact the adjacent property was owned or rented by the same individual...duh. This area is far from your prototypical whitetail or turkey terrain. But it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks as "prototypical" because they use the pasture much more than the small strip of cottonwoods following the small creek. Now, what once was a scrubby 'ol rolling pasture with patches of intermediate grass, some dense pockets of yuccas, and mixed in a few deep draws and that is now the type of habitat I have begun to focus my attention on when scouting. Of course, this is post Heads Up Decoy thinking.

The HUD's have totally changed my mind set. In this example,  I look at this skinny 500 yard strip of cottonwoods bisecting a 160 acre piece of ground with 1 or 2 treestand possibilities and the HUD's have turned it into 640 acres of opportunity. Mostly because of it's position. You see this piece of ground abuts some of the best "prototypical" river bottom whitetail habitat in the area. 2 miles of contiguous uninterrupted river bottom with 1-2 miles on each side before a public road. There is river bottom that trickles into the property, but it is essentially open with most of the food sources well beyond the security of the river bottom...meaning they will need to use the pasture to get to the food and most likely an area for big bucks to bed up with a hot doe.

 So when you are out scouting for turkeys or shed hunting, take a fresh look at your hunting area and I hope you come away with a whole new perspective of ideal whitetail habitat...the Heads Up Decoys can do that for you.

The picture above shows the openness of this area with a small slope in the distance with a pocket of dense yucca...an ideal bedding area for a rutting buck with a hot doe. On a side note, the heart of a yucca makes a great back rest or pillow.

In the back ground you see the property line. We don't hunt on property lines, but you can see the river bottom bend to the right into the pasture.

The take home message is, use every inch of property you can. The Heads Up Decoys can literally take a wheat stubble field with a terrace, a pasture with knee high cover and some terrain, intermediate grass and yuccas with a few slopes, and turn it into a bowhunting memory you will never forget. The picture below gives you some perspective what little cover it takes to come up with a hunt you will never forget. Be Mobile...Stay Mobile.

Kaleb, I had a great time today buddy. I can't wait until you are toting bow and arrow along side me.