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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What is "AT EYE LEVEL"

What is "AT EYE LEVEL"? AT EYE LEVEL is a more formal means for our customers, partners, and friends to share their experiences with Heads Up Decoy. If you have a success story with pictures to share on this blog...we have a space for you. If you have quality video of an animal reacting positively to our decoy...we may use it. If you have a full blown video of a hunt with a story line and would like to produce it...we may use it as part of our "AT EYE LEVEL" experience.

We've always assumed that feedback would come in...and it has... but in reality...life happens and time passes along with the desire to email or call to share those moments. We see results most often through forums with customers that have used Heads Up Decoy with great results but haven't necessarily notified us, but are more than willing to step up and support us...THAT'S GREAT!

As a small company in a "watered-down" industry, we rely on the sense of connection with our customers, friends, and partners to help us spread the word and to share some of the experiences that are unique ONLY to Heads Up Decoy as well as those that are more conventional. Through customer and partner contributed blog entries, photos, and video we believe that we will provide a sense of connection with our company. For example, a gentleman sent me this photo late last year...and we used it in our first EVER Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal ad.

In our 2014 Video Trailer introducing our AT EYE LEVEL experience, much of that video was submitted by customers, friends, and industry partners. And it's good stuff! You can be a part of that.

If you are willing to share your story, photo, and or video, simply contact us at info@headsupdecoy.com and type in the subject line AT EYE LEVEL. Let us know what you have and if we use your material we will send you various Heads Up Decoy prize packs.

We will review the material with you and go over the disclaimers in personal conversations.

We appreciate your support and we look forward to a great 2014.

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