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Friday, April 15, 2011

The KS Turkey Season with Heads Up Decoy

For myself, the 2011 KS archery turkey season ended on public ground April 13th with another memorable hunt. The short time in the field has been jammed packed with memorable moments, close encounters, and near misses. We have several pro staffers who have filled all their tags and a couple others with one tag to go. But to say the Heads Up Decoy Tom Turkey is a success is an understatement...it's deadly. We've decoyed birds from the blind and from the bowmount at an unheard of ratio. I have said from the beginning that there are decoys on the market more realistic looking than the Heads Up Decoy, but not more versatile and not nearly as fun.

As of now, there have been 5 birds taken with the decoy and the bowmount from 9 yards to 40 yards and 6 birds taken from the blind from 8 yards to 40 yards. These are some of the images from the first 15 days of April.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keeping the Momentum Rollin'

It seems like forever since November 20th, 2010 when we decoyed that gnarly whitetail buck in the milo stalks...which was the last time I drew on an animal. March was certainly not marching and I have been getting anxious to get back in the field with the Heads Up Decoy Tom Turkey deke. Opening day success came quickly with Prostaffer Lincoln McClure getting on the board with this new PSE Evo. I, however, had to wait until day 2 of the Kansas spring archery turkey season.

I was accompanied by friend and Heads Up Decoy Prostaffer, David Gillan. David was having bow problems so he graciously volunteered to run the camera. We had a late start due to family obligations so there was no 4 AM wake up call. The weather had been warm, then cold, then warm, then cold, then warm again leading up to opening day. Saturday the 2nd was warm and brutally windy. We honestly...well, I honestly...had little expectations as it was early and I was just happy to be wearing camo and carrying a bow.

It didn't take long to spot a distant group of turkeys feeding in stubble field. We parked the truck and devised a game plan to sneak up from below the flock and display the Heads Up Tom Turkey Decoy and maybe get lucky. As we made our way through the pasture and draws we spooked the cattle feeding nearby and they ran directly through the spot we last saw the flock. Not discouraged, David and I descended back down into an old farmstead to glass a field located in the low land that was surrounded on all sides by 2 small spring feeder creeks. We didn't need the glass to spot another group of turkeys feeding in the field.

I placed the HUD Tom Turkey in the HUD Bowmount and crawled down beyond the field's edge. The wind was having its way with the decoy in the bowmount, but it was the only option. I hid behind the decoy and allowed the wind to provide most of the moment of the the decoy. The flock was undisturbed by my presence as they fed about 150 yards away. However, one particular tom in the flock was not pleased that another tom was strutting his stuff in his field. The tom walked directly into the decoy, followed by 3 other toms. I shot him at 9 yards. This was my first turkey with a bow and it couldn't have been more exciting.

David had the camera rolling throughout the entire sequence and I was equipped with the ContourHD on my hat. Most the "hat cam" footage was of the ground, my hand, and my bow...except for the part when I drew my bow and the turkey enters the screen at point blank range. Click the link at the bottom to view the video.

Special thanks to David Gillan for helping.

Vanderbilt's equipment list: Hoyt Maxxis 31', Easton FMJ's, Grim Reaper 100gr RazorCut Expandables, Irish Setter Boots, King's camo, HS Strutt calls, Pentex Binos. Additional equipment: Badlands Packs, Stromgren Baselayers.

Heads Up Decoy Video Link

Friday, April 1, 2011

Heads Up Decoy Giveaway Blog Drawing

We thank you for your participation. We have drawn from our first 25 Heads Up Decoy blog followers. Congratulations John Cannon! You are the winner of your choice of a Heads Up Decoy. Please email me with your contact information and what decoy you would like to get at groe@headsupdecoy.com.

We will be drawing again when we reach 50 followers so your chances are still good. Don't forget to keep checking in with us as we go through turkey season here in KS. We will be adding stories, pics, and video as we are in hot pursuit of those crazy gobblers.

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