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Friday, April 15, 2016

Point Blank Turkey Hunting with a Bow

As bow hunters, we always want a slam dunk shot. With the Heads Up Turkey Decoy, we expect it. Not the ground blind traditional set up, I'm talking the wide open turkey fanning bow mounted set up.

It is not unusual to get multiple point blank...inside of 10 yards...shots during a season. For that to happen, the birds do need to cooperate. But it is frequent to say the least. I can remember a picture perfect day in 2015. I was hunting by myself. I had one golden opportunity to seal the deal on a bird inside of 10 yards. And a couple more that were not far outside of that 10 yard mark. It was day where I was not following my own advise...DON'T RUSH!

Our Heads Up Turkey Decoy continues to prove it's worth season after season. There are a lot of people out there with their own version of turkey decoys. As I said, it's difficult to compete with the Heads Up Decoy when the weather is bad or when the weather is good. Our simple design lends itself to versatility and effectiveness. We've proven that time and time again...to the point we have nothing left to do other than keep having fun and introducing our product to new folks.

I have some great footage of my friend David from a couple years back that has never been formally produced until now. (Click  Video) It was a windy spring, but this day proved to be picture perfect for turkey hunting. We did not roll out of bed at o-dark-thirty. David and I sneaked down a low wash to a steep bank. As the sun was beginning to light up the pasture, we eased up the steep bank and settle into a small yucca patch on the top of a ridge. The ridge had a great vantage point and it happen to be adjacent to a small grove of trees the toms filtered into after they loose their hens to the nest.

We occasionally called. We could hear birds in several directions. Pretty soon we realized one gobbler was really picking up what we were putting down. Easily the farthest bird I've ever called and decoyed in. He was merely a speck when we saw him.

When an animal is way out there, I don't mind doing some really crazy things to get an animal to see the decoy. Once I know they have made eye contact, I reel it in an begin making more natural movements. This was one of those instances where I raised the decoy high above my head. Rotate the Heads Up side to side until he made visual.

Once this bird made visual contact with us, he didn't know whether to strut, gobble, run, or all of the above. He was fired up. When I saw the bird run down the draw toward us a few hundred yards away...I knew this bird was going to finish close...and well...he was in David's lap.

We get a lot of hunts that work out like this, but not all of them are on film.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

When The Wind Blows

With all the growth and success of Heads Up Decoy, I am still barely more than a weekend hunter. I plan my days off based on the time of year. Rolling the dice that Mother Nature and the animals will cooperate.

It is hard to believe that I have been building Heads Up Decoy since 2008. The improvements we've made with the product, the additions, and the new revelations have been so great that our original thought behind our concept is hard to recall.

Is Heads Up Decoy more of a system...than an actual decoy? A question I ponder often. The versatility with the decoy and accessories lends itself to limitless opportunities for the hunter willing to give it a run. So, I would say yes, it is a system because there is no one way to use them.

Over the years, I have developed a great appreciation for how well Heads Up Decoys can work in really crappy conditions. I suppose one could argue that in order for it to perform in bad conditions is that you may need another person. I have witnessed many hunts, either as a videographer, observer, or the one holding the decoy, in some pretty brutal conditions that led to a shot. Mostly because we were willing to make the effort.

A couple years ago, we met up with some friends in the hopes of getting them a true Heads Up Decoy experience. It was spring and we were after turkeys. Mother Nature in all her splendor, did everything she could to foil our hunt. To be honest, she kick our butt in all but about 20 minutes of our 3 day hunt.

We did what we could do, but the wind simply would not relent. It beat us down, but we kept after it. Sticking to it ultimately led to success on one of those brutally windy days.

There was no option to have the Heads Up Turkey Decoy in the bow mount, someone had to hold the decoy. On this opportunity, two of us crawled out into the pasture. When we were able to locate the bird from our bellies, we slowly raised up and showed the decoy to the bird. 45 seconds later we got our one and only shot...and made good on it.

Brutal conditions are a part of hunting, and the thing I appreciate about our product is that if you are willing to use it, you have control over decoy in these really bad conditions and can ultimately get an opportunity.

When you cannot pick and choose the best of the best days to hunt, like me. Heads Up Decoy can be the key to success.

For video of this hunt, click the link below. Best of luck this turkey season.

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