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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Four In a Row with a Deer Decoy

Four In A Row
by Nathan Sullivan

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As the tall-tined whitetail started down the hill toward us, I couldn’t help but be confident that he would close the distance to within bow range. After all, this was the third buck today to come in to the decoy and at least the ninth buck this season that had provided up-close action. On top of that, I had the inventor of Heads Up Decoy, Garrett Roe was with me to assist on this hunt. Most of the other bucks were younger deer that provided exciting hunts but were not ones I wanted to tag just yet. The other two shooter bucks that I had close calls with had swirling winds to thank for their escape.

whitetail buck decoy
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 Over the last several years I have gained so much confidence in using the HUD that I rarely go afield without it. After all, I have used it to take a buck each of the last three years. The versatility and mobility of the HUD fits my hunting style perfectly. I have had success on both mule deer and whitetails in all types of situations including spot and stalk, ground blinds, and tree stands.

Now back to the story of this year’s buck. We had first spotted the buck from about half a mile away locked down with a doe in a small draw. After circling to get the steady wind in our favor we headed down the main draw a few hundred yards and began easing around the corner, well Garrett was at least. I was convinced that the deer were in the next draw so I was being rather careless. We spotted the buck at the same time he spotted us, but with the decoy already up blocking our profile, he had already decided we were another  buck coming to steal his doe. As we dropped to a knee, Garrett gave one grunt and that was all it took…the buck was on his way. As he approached, he bristled up and pinned his ears back in an attempt to intimidate the new rival. The buck was within 30 yards and closing fast when I came to full draw. I had already told myself not to shoot as long as he was still coming closer, so I followed his progress through my sight window. When he finally came to a stop, he was within 20 yards and the arrow was on its way. At the shot, the arrow buried to the fletching and the buck went down for good within 200 yards.

hunting whitetail deer with a decoy
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For the fourth season in a row, I had just taken a mature buck with the Heads Up Decoy! I am already looking forward to next year to see if I can keep the lucky streak going. I also would like to thank Garrett for all of his help on this hunt, it was an awesome experience that I won’t soon forget.

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